Damon and Elena

Damon and Elena

Damon: “Você é a mentirosa, Elena. Há alguma coisa acontecendo entre nós dois e você sabe disso. E você está mentindo para mim. E está mentindo para o Stefan. E, acima de tudo, está mentindo para você mesma.”

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1x18 “Under Control” Damon gives Elena a red rose

2x08 “Rose” Damon tells Elena he loves her for the first time

2x12 “The Descent” Rose’s death brings Damon and Elena closer again

3x19 “Heart Of Darkness” Rose explains to Jeremy (and actually to the viewers) what Damon is for Elena

Red rose is known to be the symbol of blood, sacrifice, life, lust, passion, beauty, perfection, romance, devotion, balance, timelessness, sensuality, intrigue, faith, understanding and, most of all, true love. Immortal love.

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Ian Somerhalder with your [favorite] hat.

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Hosts The Influence Affair | April 21st

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